Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, May 31, 2007


We've experienced Scott's first treatment delay at clinic this morning. Scott's counts haven't bounced back enough. His ANC is only back up to 540, and has to be a minimum 750 for him to receive Vincristine, Doxorubicin and start the round of steroids and 6mp. So, what is truly treatment week 19 is now pushed back to next week, and every treatment from here forward pushes back one week. This includes radiation, which was scheduled to start 6/21, but will not start now until 6/28. That stretches the 108 weeks to 109.

However, his leg shots are not count-dependent. He got the next round of them this morning. That makes 13 he's gotten. 7 more to go. I'm going to try to talk him into letting me film those once, just to post up and make folks realize what happens. I don't know if he'll go along with that, or if Stephanie will either.

More later after I get home and we sort through things. I need to make sure all this is accurate.

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Sandie said...

Adding a week to the overall treatments must seem daunting. I'm sorry for all of you. And though I know it's hard to see a bright spot... I know you are well aware that having stayed on schedule thus far was a super feat accomplished by so few Scott's age. We are sending you all lots of love and good thoughts.