Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its been five weeks since Scott's last clinic appointment (put back a week due to Dezzys birthday), but tomorrow we're back in again. Scott will have bloodwork done, his pentadamine breathing treatment, a physical and a spinal tap.
Its been a good break between appointments and Scott is feeling better than he has in a long, long time. He's eating well (although perhaps scoffing down a little TOO much), the neuropathy is easing, he's playing with friends out in the street and looking good with pink rosy cheeks, and incredibly, during the last couple of weeks, has detoxed and kicked his codeine and ativan habit! We are so proud of him and relieved that he's no longer leaning on narcotics to calm him down or take the edge off the pain. I think even he agrees now that being able to go outside and play is better stress-relief than ativan, demerol, and all that good stuff.
On the surface all seems well and groovy, yet a return of acute leukemia would be seen in the blood and spinal fluid before symptoms were seen.
So, we worry. And probably, we always will.

Anyway, like they always say, nothing like a good old fashioned sing-song to chase away the cancer-clinic blues ...


Carolyn, aka Lady said...

YAY!! I am so glad to hear Scott is doing well. Here's to a great appointment tomorrow.


Grandmama said...

We are so happy Scott is doing so much better. I know being out side with his friends does him a lot of good . Like Carolyn said hope he has a great appointment tomorrow.
Grandmama & Papa
[Mom & Pop

Lorna said...

great to hear scott playing outside.....and lovely to hear maddy and the boys too

Dawn said...

Hi Steph,

Sorry I haven't posted for a while and it seems I've missed Derry's birthday. Hope he had a great day - tell him I said Hi. Guess next year he'll be wanting driving lessons! They do that at 16 in America don't they? Jack can't wait till he turns 17 in November so he can start. I had him driving our people carrier round a private car park in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. He thought it was great but I was just worried there was only a small barrier between us and a drop into the sea and the first thing he had to do was reverse out of the space!!

Fantastic to read Scott is doing so well. It must be great to see him looking so much better and doing normal things with his friends. Hope you get good news at the hospital tomorrow.

Take care,