Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A couple of pictures from the hockey game today. Derry's team won 6-2, they are currently fourth in the league with two games left before the semi-finals.

It sucks to only be able to take bench pictures but my lousy camera isn't good enough for zooming onto the ice, or for speed.

And here is gammy eyed Jingle. He was back at the regular vet this morning and wowed everyone with his now perfect blood pressure and healing corneal ulcer. Next week he has the specialist again. You cant tell from the picture but his right eye is deep red. The vet reckoned it probably always will be as the blood from the ruptured capillaries seeped into his iris. Jingle was adopted as a kitten from 'Mrs Murray's home for stray cats and dogs' down by the docks in cold, damp Aberdeen about twenty years ago, now he's living out his elder years basking in the Florida sun. Not bad for an 'auld orphan toonser'.

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christine said...

Keep at it Derry - it looks a brilliant game - and you look good - even if you don't smell good - in your kit.
love nana