Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I’m bored and fed up trying to clean cat pee out of the carpet so here I am posting nothing of consequence and a Rowan Atkinson video.

Its been a mostly good week for Scott, he’s looking and feeling great, his unconditional 10 year green card arrived in the mail, and he unlocked a new character on some game he’s playing (which is obviously cause for immense joy and merriment). The only downer has been lots of stress and worry about our little Jingle cat (and nope it wasn’t him who peed on the carpet). A couple of weeks ago he was diagnosed as having an ulcer in his eye and despite treatment it has gotten much worse until we were told on Monday that his entire eye could rupture at any time. After much discussion with the vet we agreed that sedating and operating on a 20 year old cat was too risky, we had the ‘end of life’ chat, and we also talked about a last ditch attempt to shrink the ulcer and get rid of the infection which had set in. The vet can’t culture the eye due to Jingles age and anesthesia issues so he doesn’t know exactly what we are fighting, so we are just throwing every damn thing at the problem and keeping our fingers crossed. Jingle is now on 6 different meds, 5 of them to be given 4 times daily. Oh and Jingle has to be in isolation also, yup he really loves this, poor kitty. Anyhow, he went for a follow up yesterday and we all thought the time was nigh as his eye looked even worse but when the vet looked he grinned and said ‘oh yes, much much better’. So tomorrow he goes back in again, then Monday, then Friday, and hopefully Jingle is going to be back to his old happy scampering ways very soon.

That’s about it really. Like I said, our green cards arrived which really should have been cause for celebration but with everything that has happened in the last 2 years, our residency is now of no major concern. A few years ago when we were kicked back to London (for 7 months!!) to fight the bureaucrats at the Embassy it was devastating, but compare that with having your baby’s life on the line and it pales into insignificance. Still, it’s good to have legal ID once more. We were beginning to feel like that dude in that movie who was stuck in an airport terminal, our British passports had expired along with our temporary US green cards, we were non-people. (Derry thought it was cool being an illegal and took to wearing his sombrero more often.) Anyhow, it’s done now. Scott looks funny in his green card picture. It was taken during treatment when his hair was growing in dark and curly, cept it doesn’t look curly in the picture, just messed up. He looks like a plump Billy Joe from Green Day which he is thrilled about. Derry looks funny because they made him tuck his hair behind his ears and I look Slavic and really, really mad.

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