Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out"

We knew it wasn't good when arriving at the ice rink this afternoon to see an ambulance outside. Once inside we see one of Derry's old team mates on the ice surrounded by medics and worried faces. It was horrible, the kid had taken a bad fall, stood up briefly to show 'he was okay', saw his arm facing in the wrong direction, and then collapsed. Turns out he'd broken his arm so bad the bone was poking through the skin. The hockey folks around here are a pretty tight bunch, and to have one of our own hurt, well it hurt.

He wont be playing hockey for a long while I guess, but its an arm and it will heal, just sucks though.

So after a while, once the zamboni had cleaned up the mess, Derry's game got under way. It was an awesome game until Derry got into a check with the scariest, toughest kid on the other team, a legend of a kid, the kid all the other kids skate away from instead of tackle ... well anyway, following the altercation the kid needed to be helped off the ice and is now being 'checked over' in hospital too. Thankfully his dad thinks he's fine, just a bruised ego more than anything. Derry has a sore thumb but is gonna have to watch his back from now on. And just for the record, Derry didnt even get sent to the 'box of shame', the check was perfectly legal. Oh and they won, 5-2.


christine said...

Go gettem kid - well done for not being afraid of the meanest kid on the bloc - but 'watch your back' when he's playing next time - I'm proud of you Derry.
Love nana/mum

Laura said...

Wow, way to go Derry! Quite the hockey player, and it's a rough sport. You sure gave your all and it sounds like you and your team had a heck of a win!

Thinking of you all! Laura