Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scott’s bone marrow is scunnered. His counts today were okay but had actually dropped following his steroid pulse. He has had 35 cycles of prednisone now and this is the first time we have seen an anc drop. I’m quite surprised (and rather pleased with myself) that I’m not in meltdown mode, it doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge as you’ve probably gathered by now, but strangely I feel ok…calm even. In some weird way it feels like we have reached not just a chemical ending to this screwed-up period in our lives but also a biological full stop. So, not only are years of research and trials in agreement that we’ve thrashed the cancer the best that we can, Scott’s body is also saying, “enough, I’ve had enough”.

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Joanne said...

Hey Stephanie - Sam has shot up tremendously since she stopped treatment. Her growth (verticle)while in treatment slowed way down but man, the past year she is growing and growing (both up and out)!!! I just know the same (verticle growth) will happen with Scott. As far as the Demoral goes...we tried that too, and it does help alot - I hope it does with Scott. Keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers, as always. xo