Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today Scott had an appointment with an Orthotist to be fitted for braces for his damaged feet. It seems that his tendons have shrunk in two places from the chemo and this is what is causing him so much pain. When he is asleep his feet fall into an unnatural, yet comfortable (for him) position and the problem is exacerbated. So, for the forseeable future he must wear these instruments of torture to bed ...

He will also be getting a wheelchair in the next few days to allow him to get out and about a little more without struggling to walk.
Cancer sucks.


christine said...

Hope these aren't too uncomfortable Scott - it's difficult to accept now, but in the long term they will be good for you. Also the wheelchair is not the best news but again, if it helps you get out and about, then your life will be enhanced. And they are both temporary! Who sang - 'life can only get better'.
love you lots nana/mum

Shawn said...

I pray for an end to this madness. How extremely tired you all must be! You are always in my thoughts.

Happy New Year!