Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scott had clinic today and I was so incredibly pleased to see good results. Lots of platelets, hemoglobin and a nice fat anc. I couldn’t help but worry that today’s clinic visit would in some way cast a dark cloud over Christmas. Last year he had been neutropenic for several weeks and I was holding off doing a bone marrow check for relapse, the Christmas before was when he first showed signs of being sick. Christmas with a happy, hungry, non-lethargic Scott will be wonderful!
Well I must go now, tatties to peel, poles to straighten, and such things. Merry Christmas dudes!


Staci said...

Glad to hear that Scott had such good results! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

Lorna said...

good morning and merry festivus to you all. just had a dip in the sea - perfect start to the day. glad clinic was good - love to the boys.

Carolyn said...

Great news to start Christmas morning!

Lots of love to David, Stephanie, Derry and Scott ~~ have a wonderful day!

Grandmama said...

What a way to start a Christmas day . We are so happy that everthing was GOOD AT The Clinic.
So sorry we can't be there this year. Hope this next year will be better.
Love To All Of You
And Merry Christmas.

Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Pop

Dawn said...

Wanted to say Merry Christmas before the day is out.

My tatties have not just been peeled, but cooked and eaten as well. Along with far too much turkey, christmas pudding, port, wine, cheese and biscuits etc. etc. Hope you all have a good blow-out as well and enjoy it all!

Great news about Scott's results. Long may that continue through 2009.

Love to everyone.

Ben32113 said...

May you experience all the joy and blessings of the holiday season! I hope you, your families, and friends truly share in the miracles of Christmas.

I wish you the best for the holidays and throughout the New Year.

Benjamin F. Griffis

Sandie said...

Merry Christmas to you all. What a great gift to know Scott had a good visit and that you will have a lovely and peaceful Christmas.

Lots of love to you all.

Now, I'm off to conquer Guitar Hero :)

Laura said...

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas and can enjoy all the goodies from yesterday's festivities today. Thinking of you all and sending hugs, Angel Laura