Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Festivus for the rest of us.

Thursday saw the start of another round of Dr Tebbi’s special poison. His counts were pretty awful but decent enough for chemo. The effects are in full swing, and boy is it a bitch. Scott is now going though round 31 of 36 and as long as he stays on track he will have his final spinal tap with chemo either the day before New Years Day or a couple of days later.
I hate to sound like such a manic depressive but its getting hard to get excited that he is only 4 months from the end. So many children are relapsing around us and my confidence in treatment is now at an all time low. Not only that but the side effects Scott has experienced these last 2 years have been horrifying … stroke, fungal pneumonia and swelling of the brain, he has not ever been admitted for a simple fever or virus. Again, we wonder what freakishly uncommon, what horrifying and life-threatening issue, might he be up against next??!

So anyway, we are now trying to prepare for a perfect Christmas. Today we erected our festivus pole much to the delight of Ozzie/Jake/Jethro/Aqualung-myfriend, or whatever his name happens to be today.
(cat laughing at Sandies twisted sense of humour)
Sadly Scott isn’t really all that interested in Christmas, he just wants a plane ticket to Austria and an appointment at one of those euthanasia clinics. Hopefully he’ll be a little more in the spirit of things in a day or two! He’d better be, we have the “airing of grievances” to look forward to.


christine said...

What is a 'festivus tree' - I presume you'll be having a 'proper' tree as well - that one looks like a cats playground heaven!

Hope Scotts pain goes quicker this time and that his spirits rise towards Christmas - at least Christmas week and the vincristine week don't fall together.

love to all, mum/nana

Lorna said...

hello. wow - email from home again on my own laptop! hope skittles feels better quickly. my poor blind kitty is stevie (wonder) ....

Sandie said...

I, too, hope the pain passes quickly. And that this passes as his "feats of strength" for Festivus.

It seems Lorna shares my sick sense of humor. You are surrounded, sunshine.

Lots of love to you all - especially to aqualungmyfriend. :)


nina said...

Wow! guys! I miss a few days you all have a festivus pole! Very cool...when the greivances are aired, I am positive that all of Scott's are going to be top of the list. Hang on, I know how excrutiating this has been for all of you.
Prayers and good wishes still coming at you all.