Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scott and I were out for our walk this evening when we came upon a strange and wizened old man. Half expecting him to produce from his coat pockets a purse containing five magic beans we were not in the least bit surprised to instead be offered a ginger kitten. It was holed up in his garage, bedraggled, unwanted and alone.
The young are engineered to be beautiful, endearing and to bring out the ‘mother’ in us all. I tried explaining this to Scott, “don’t look into his eyes Scott, don’t do it!” But it was too late, we were in love.
They say that cats find their owners so who am I to stand in the way of a long held feline tradition?
Meet cat with no name …

Derry loves him to bits, thinks he is "awesome and cool". David and our gaggle/herd/flock (what is the correct term for a group of cats?) of kitties are going to take a little time to be won over. Perhaps if he had a name it would be a start, he would be less of an outsider and part of 'us'.
So far we have ... Ozzy (after Ozzy), Sid (after Vicious) and Bob (after Scotts nurse). Fingers on buzzers and please cast your votes now.


christine said...

He is just so adorable - but it does prove the point - 'don't talk to strangers'
If it has to be one of the three names so far suggested I think he looks like a 'bob'. Then there could be 'Cliff' - after Richard - but I don't think that's quite your scene is it. What about marmalade as he's ginger.

love mum/nana

christine said...

And I think the correct name would be a 'pride' - I know thats for lions but whats the difference

Dawn said...

Aww, he's beautiful - he's exactly what I was looking for. So how did we end up with two black and white ones?! As you came by him in December you could always call him Noel (after Gallagher) or even Dillon following on from Bob! Yeah, I know it's spelt Dylan really - just prefer it spelt the other way for a cat!

Dawn said...

Just shown Helena, she wants him too! She suggests Gerri (after Ginger spice) but also says he looks like an Oscar - I have no idea why!

Staci said...

He is absolutely beautiful.

I am partial to Bob because I have a brother, Bob.

I think Ozzy would be fun name though. :0)

Have a great week!

christine said...

It's me again - what about Bamber - because his colour is amber, he's a boy (presumably) and he was found near Christmas so it's a bit like Bambi. Ok that's stretching it a bit but I just like the name.


Laura said...

What a cutie! Now I want to have four kitties too, my three black ones seem so plain!!! I like the name Bob, but whatever you guys pick will be purr-fect. :)
Glory likes the name Orange (she has a stuffed animal cat named Orange) and Carlos likes the name Carrot. You guys were probably doing better coming up with names all on your own!
Sending you all smiles, Angel Laura

Lorna said...

i vote for bob. yay - internet cafe! i became 'mom' to a tiny tiny sick kitty here (zanzibar) last week. surviving - but still pretty blind. a bundle of palm sized energy. why oh why did i do it again... mine wont have a name till i know he can survive - and see... hello all.

Zara said...

Well, personally I vote for a different one altogether. When we were due to get ours, we didn't know if we were getting a boy. But me and Harry decided if we did we'd call him Dave. In the end we had Daisy and Molly....but we still want a Dave. Steph - send that wizened old man across the atlantic please!!

Sandie said...


Sherry said...

I vote for Ozzy - although I have to say Aqualung cracked me up!

Sandie said...

Just think, when you call to him you can say Aqualung, my friend.

And if he skulks under the chair you can say... don't you start away uneasy you poor old sod, you see, it's only me.

Quite clever, if you ask me. ;)