Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, Scott and I got over our little stiff neck problem although the rest of me still feels a bit creaky but och well, I’m sure it will pass. I was just a bit worried as I had been briefly exposed to someone with viral meningitis. I guess it was just some weird coincidence. Or paranoia.

Scott is doing well and seems happier than he has since diagnosis. He has more energy than ever, is eating well and looks great. Perhaps the happy pills finally kicked in, I dunno, but it’s all good nonetheless. Tomorrow I am desperately hoping to get him a haircut but we’ll see what kind of mood he wakes up in. He is also being very loving and emotional. Today he said to Derry, “I love you big brother”. I was gob smacked, as was Derry. He replied, “Stop being such a poof”, but I know he was touched and will probably never forget it. Me neither.

Today we had Derry’s last game of the spring season, sadly they lost but it was an interesting game, lots of tension and a few fists being thrown, a perfect hockey game. He will be attending some intensive training over the summer and also a required course on ‘checking’ (how to legally hurt someone on the opposing team). He is looking forward to that A LOT!!

Derrys friend, DJ, in the penalty box after nearly starting a riot!! ...

Team portrait ...

Also today my kind and generous and fabulous husband treated me to something I have been pining, whining and yearning for … a brand new bike. It is a beauty. I have been going out a lot in the evenings, just riding around for an hour or so, but my old bike had seen better days and finally developed a bad case of rust and an embarrassing squeak. I am a spoiled brat, it is awesome …

I shall leave you with a song that had my crying my eyes out earlier. My friend wrote about it and how it was played at her little boy’s funeral. I’m welling up again so here it is … For Zach ...


Laura said...

I just love that song.
I hope everyone is feeling good today. Glory, Joe and I were at a wedding in Ohio all day yesterday, Joe's brother got married. Joe was the best man, Glory the flower girl. Lots of good times and some tears too. Weddings always seem to be like that. :) I'll send some pictures of Glory all dressed up - she was positive she was a princess.
Thinking of you all. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Dawn said...

Hey Steph,
Great to hear Scott is doing so well. Hope you're all able to enjoy life without quite so many worries about him for a while.
Just came back from a w/end with Nana while Harry is on a school trip to Rome for 4 days. Took my bike acorss and did a bit of cycling but not as much as when he's with me! I got a new bike for my last birthday after putting up with my old rust bucket for FAR too long. Couldn't believe how much more comfortable it was. Seemed much easier cycling by comparison. Hope yours feels the same now. Enjoy!
Nana sends her love to all of you.
Take care,

Sherry said...

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for the song. Dirk and I saw this song played on the American Idiot tour in Orlando about a year before Zach was dx. I would have never dreamed we would be playing it at his funeral less than two years later. Life certainly has a funny way of playing tricks on you doesn't it? I joined you in losing some tears as I watched the video. All of the kids in the neighborhood call this "Zach's Song." Talk to you soon.