Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All was well at clinic this morning. Scott’s anc was at 1700, a little lower than it has been in a while but closer to where the doctors want it to be. I wasn’t sure what to expect this week after the increase in methotrexate last week but was pleased to see his counts didn’t crash. Hopefully I’m not tempting fate and they will remain at a reasonable level. He also had his breathing treatment of pentadamine.

After clinic he had his quarterly dental visit which he was very anxious about but again we lucked out and he had no problems. No cavities!!! This is great news as chemo can be devastating on the teeth. His teeth were pretty manky so they got a good cleaning and more fluoride. They are also growing in a little wonky – wonder where he gets THAT from!! – and as soon as treatment is finished the dentist wants to get braces on them for about 9 months. They are also naturally quite yellow, which is a shame but not the end of the world so I was given a quote for whitening once the braces are off. The dentist warned me that it is expensive, about $300; I had to laugh and tell him that is what we pay for orapred ODT every 3 weeks. By the end of treatment we’ll have wracked up about $26,000 plus all the other little, and not so little, extras. But so be it, just so long as those ugly little cells never rear their heads again.

So all in all, a great day. We can breathe again for a few days.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos, Derry and Springsteen and both of them and Jingle (and his floppy tongue) taking over my bed to watch Ghosthunters…. Did you see it Shel? … “There is no Jean here” … WOW! Considering our atheist existentialism we sure get sucked into that show. LOL.


christine said...

Whose the best looking - Derry?, Scott?, Springsteen?, or Jingle?. I'm not going to voice my opinion for fear of upsetting anyone - although I must admit a cat curled in the middle of the bed with it's tongue hanging out is rather endearing!!
On a serious note I'm glad all was well at the clinic and dentist - yellow teeth run in the family Steph so nothing to worry about.
Love and hugs to all

Sandie said...

I'm so glad to hear you all had a good day with good visits and good numbers. The boys look gloriously happy. That cat should be in KISS. What a character.

Thinking of you always.
Lots of love to you all.