Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pain the the neck/back.

Stephanie is suffering from a very painful back and neck and basically most things from the waist up for the last couple of days. So we're a bit late on a clinic update for the week. Scott's counts were above the mandated level and he received his methatrexate yesterday. That's all he has this week. Except he's gotten a sore neck today it appears. Have to keep an eye on those two for sure.

Scott has become a swimming monster. Even yesterday after he got home from clinic he hopped in the pool - 3 times. He just swims end to end continuosly. We aren't sure how he does it, because he just seems as if it is an obsession. This has made him much more active than anytime previous in his treatment. Which is good! It helps his body recover faster, making that marrow work in high gear. Last night he seemed in a bit of a mood and headed out to the pool instead of a bedroom. We went out and watched him splash from end to end dozens of times and I asked him if it made him feel better. His answer was "No. It helps with stress though". Being just about 12 and having to know how to handle stress is just wrong.

National Flip Flop Day

Click that link there and you'll be off to the Nation Flip Flop Day website. This is a promotion done by Tropical Smoothie Cafe to benefit Camp Sunshine. Flip Flop day is June 21. The first 500 folks arriving in flip flops at all Tropical Smoothie Cafe's that day will get a free 24-oz Jetty Punch (strawberry/banana) smoothie. Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine just happens to be where we're off to in a few weeks. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a big part of that, as they have entered into a national partnership with Camp Sunshine, and the Brandon location is actually sponsoring our trip to the camp. This is something we simply could not be able to do without their generous help and involvement. So I shall shamelessly encourage you to stop by the closest location and enjoy a REAL fruit smoothie - not some of those contrived things from concentrate at most smoothie shops.

Off we go to Derry's first weekend since school ended. He got out after a half-day on Wednesday and had Scott completely tired of his existence about an hour after he got home. Should be a lovely, long summer!

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