Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well we made a few more steps along the scary path. Its been a very rough week but thankfully the pain has subsided and Scott is feeling so much better. His anc is over 5000 and platelets at about 240.


christine said...

Glad clinic has gone okay today and Scotts feeling a little better - that vincistine week is a bummer isn't it. And you have to take steps - be they forward, backward or sideways - and if you fall down a hole you have no choice but to climb out and start again.
lots of love as always

Trey & Chris said...
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Trey & Chris said...

Hi Stephanie--

Glad you liked the EO hand sanitizer! Sorry the boys think it smells 'gay'! LOL It's pretty much the only one we use now... Mady says the others make her want to barf! Just got finished doing a lovenox shot and I noticed that there's a bottle as you go into her room and one on each side of her bed!

I hope Scott's still feeling a little better... I've been following his progress in the battle. I have no doubt though that he and Mady will both beat this thing, and be stronger for it.

Take care,


Dawn said...

Just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you all. So sorry to hear about Sierra. It must be devastating to see another friend gone. In fact it must get harder all the time. No one deserves this to happen to them, least of all these children. I do hope Scott didn't react too badly to the news - I know you'll have found the best way possible to tell him. Honestly, what am I saying. How can there be a good way to deliver that sort of news.

It's obviously been a really hard week for you. I'm really wishing for a better week to come.

With our love,