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Scott & Sunny

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mum's Day

Boy does Mother's Day (it's today in the US, it was last month in the UK) take on new meaning these days. The "duties of a mother" change dramatically when one has a child battling cancer. The whole gig changes. As I watch Stephanie and the things she does, I often wonder how in the world she does the things she does continually with Scott. It takes a lot of patience and determination. She has to be very stern and methodical with all the medicines and cleanliness, all while continually realizing this is likely the most serious thing one can have to deal with in a lifetime.

I don't believe there are any "parenting" manuals that describe exactly how one deals with facing a child diagnosed with cancer. Most folks are probably too afraid to write one, and the parents that have been down this road simply don't have the time during the battle, and likely want to leave the demons behind after the war is waged.

But today is for Mom's. They deserve tons of credit and are probably grossly underappreciated 90% of the time. They have a tough job indeed. I think of Stephanie, my mom and Christine obviously. But I also can't help but think of some other mom's that are hurting. Mom's like Mary Lynn who just lost Sierra. Like Sherry Tucker who lost Zach, but now marches on with a vengence and legacy to little Zach. Like Tisha, little Kaylie's mom that has sat in ICU over 3 months now, along with HER mom as well.

All superstar mom's indeed.


Sandie said...

Superwomen, for sure. Whose beauty, grace and strength in the face of such peril is breath-taking to the rest of us.

Happy Mother's Day, sunshine.

Lots of love to you and your clorox bottle.

nina said...

mother lions protecting her cubs. i wouldn't expect anything less. Hope the day was peaceful and full of the little things that make your heart ache just a little bit less.

Laura said...

That pretty much said it all. Just wanted to send along my thoughts and wishes for Stephanie, a mom I admire and a mom who is unquestionably a supermom. Happy Mum's Day!!!