Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RIP Jingle

We've not updated for a couple of weeks, but today brought some sad news. We had to put Jingle to sleep today. He had fought a corneal ulcer in one eye most of the summer. We'd found he had high blood pressure which was complicating that problem. Then his blood test several weeks back showed decreased kidney function. Since this past weekend, his health deteriorated fast. By this afternoon, he was really bad. So shortly after 5, he was put to sleep.

Scott and Derry are both very upset. Jingle was a very old cat - best we know he was just around 20 or just over 20. Scott can't remember not having Jingle, and that cat was beside him all through his treatment. Derry can tell the story about Jingle showing up at their house in Aboyne on Christmas Eve well. Stephanie recalls him hopping in the window, parking by the fire and proclaiming their house as his.

I remember the first time I ever walked in her house in Aboyne. In less than 30 minutes, Jingle was on my lap and lying down for a nap. He had me right off. Stephanie said more than one person made comments about Jingle through the years and his "less than perfect" looks.

We think he was one of the best cats ever. An old scabby-tabby-toonser that never let you down.

Bye bye buddy.


christine said...

Yes David - he was a lovely, friendly old cat - that dribbled!!!And he was lucky to have found Steph and the boys, and then you, to have loved him - cats repay with lots of love and affection. Loosing one is like loosing a member of the family, and I know how I felt when Tabatha was put to sleep nearly 3 years ago. I won't forget him (for those that don't know, yes, Tabatha was a male) but life goes on.
Lots of love, Mum/nana

Sandie said...

I'm so sorry for you all. It's a very sad thing to lose a kitty friend.

They really do put so much into each day, don't they.

He had a good long run with a wonderful family. Can't beat that, really.

I'm sure he's ever so thankful.

Lot of love to you all.