Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just home from clinic and all is well. Scott's bloodwork was okay, not as great as last month's but the doc said not to stress about it. His wbc was 3.5 (low), hgb 14.0 (good), plts 226 (a dip from last month) and mono's 12.1. If it weren't for the slight increase in hgb and decent mono's I'd be very nervous. Anyhow, like I said, the doctor was happy.
He got a full physical and no swollen nodes or spleen were seen, all looked good. Oh yeah, he also got his latest "accident" checked out .... he managed to shoot himself yesterday with his airsoft gun, its amazing what a plastic pellet can do to your pinkie when shot from a few inches!!! Spaz. Then it was port-flush time which Scott went a bit freaky about. Its been 2 months since his last access and he got all tensed up and stopped breathing until his face turned red!! Lastly he had pentadamine to prevent PCP - its possible, all being well, that this might be his last breathing treatment, which would be nice because it hates it.
So, the plan is that in four weeks he'll go back for bloodwork and a spinal tap. If these are both clean then we can schedule to have his port removed. Scott is so looking forward to being port-free as it makes him feel queasy, but more importantly it will mean he can get back on his ice skates and ride the BIG roller coasters at Busch Gardens - previously it was only rides with lap belts as harnesses could jolt the port and cause the port to flip or even detach - which could cause a bit of a mess! He's also quite looking forward to seeing his cool surgeon again - Scott loved him because he had a twisted sense of humour and wore a skull and crossbones bandana.
Well thats all for now folks. Thanks for checking in. Bye. x


Carolyn, aka Lady said...

YAY for the good report! I see roller coasters - big ones - in the near future for Scott!!

Laura said...

So happy to hear the good report! I think of you guys often and I'm glad Skittles has some fun things coming up! :) So brave with the roller coasters!!! Enjoy the week.
Sending Smiles, Laura

Sandie said...

Great news!