Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On a brighter note

Yesterday Derry, Scott and I received congratulatory letters from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Centre stating that we have jumped through all the necessary hoops and were now Legal Permanent Residents of the USA.

It has been an hilarious experience, and now, just for fun, maybe we should do the whole process again but in reverse. All in favour of our deep-South David becoming a minion of her Majesty the Queen, say "aye".

As for Scotty boy, well he's an enigma for sure. One day he's duracelling up and down the pool, devouring everything in site, spouting forth weird and wonderful facts (we call him 'Oracle', he wasn't that way prior to the cranial radiation, something mystical happened in that human microwave!!!!) and chattering non-stop. The next, he's doing the dying swan routine.

He has his monthly appointment on Thursday and will also have his port flushed and a breathing treatment. Hopefully counts will look good and we can all exhale.


Sandie said...

How can that be? I'm quite sure you don't get final status as LPR until you see some bears up close. :)

christine said...

Yep - lets have David becoming a member of the British Establishment - that means I can have you all living close enough to me to see you more often - miss you all.
love and hugs, mum/nana