Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, June 8, 2009

Its been one year since Callum left us. Scott talks about him all the time, sometimes he's broken-hearted and other times he laughs and giggles at his 'highlander' daddy. Derry never mentions him. This morning Scott was reminiscing and coming out with some of his favourite doric phrases. "Awa and bile yer heed maither" (be off with you mum, and boil your head), "Ken fit like" (you know what I mean) and "Foos yer doos" (how are you doing).

Kevin is still very ill from the stroke he suffered a few weeks after Callum died. He's out of hospital but still needs full time care. He cant talk except to say, "aye". He seems to live in a world of confusion with no signs of recovery. I get so choked up when I think about Kev, we were incredibly close.

I still cant believe that I'll never again be able to pick them up, dust them off or put their world's to rights. More importantly, I'll never again hear Callum's interpretation of why the Giza monuments were built or what he thought of Margaret Thatcher and the Poll Tax. LOL.

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