Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm almost too scared to say it but Scott is starting to feel better.

He hasnt thrown up in 2 weeks and his panicky charge to the bathroom is almost a thing of the past. He is also eating fairly well, still gluggling back too much Sunny D (which I should really stop buying but, according to Scott, it helps the medicines go down - lol), but apart from that he's doing good. The neuropathy in his ankles and feet is still an issue but he isnt complaining about it as much.

Last night we went to knock a few balls around and without thinking HE RAN a few steps. Scott hasnt run anywhere in over 2 years. Pretty cool huh?

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Lorna said...

yes, Very cool. Am in the Uk for a month Steph - hope we can chat some. My house filthy and garden a serious cleaning, painting and gardening mission. at least its sunny here. great to see scott out playing.