Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday nights continue to instill in us all a dread of what the morrow will bring and our tradition of chilling out with good snacky treats, cuddles and mindless TV carries on. Last night was supposed to be that way but took a nasty turn when Scott had full-blown Ambiem side effects. Ambien is supposed to lull you to sleep and if not you could be in for trouble and that’s what happened. Scott couldn’t fall asleep instead he became hyperactive, then sick, then the hallucinations started. He was dizzy; he tried to bite the leg off a GI Joe (curious!) and then saw pens and pencils everywhere (even curiouser). I knew it was the Ambien and nothing more suspicious and knew it would pass, but until it did it was heartbreaking.
Today we had a better day. Scott ate well – lots of yoghurt and fruit – and even asked for Saltines and peanut butter!! Now this might not sound strange to most normal folks with normal kids without eating problems, but its strange – and good – for Scott. He has only had peanut butter once and he hated it, now all of a sudden he feels a need for it. As soon as he asked for it I remembered what the psychologist said to us way way back at the beginning of treatment. He told us that when the children finish treatment many of them eat differently, their taste buds change and they eat things they have never eaten before. Well I sure hope he’s right, it’d be good to see Scott become a little more adventurous – and health conscious - with his diet.
We also managed to dodge the rain clouds (its Ark weather down here in Florida) and get out for a nice walk this afternoon. Scott still walks funny and the pain is worse than ever but he managed it. His bruises are still very present; the least said about that the better.
Scott’s fat is dropping off and boy am I jealous. Every day he looks leaner with definition returning. He’s now wearing clothes he hasn’t been able to squeeze into for over a year. The chins are ever present but receding. Yay!! Oh and on Sunday he’s booked – with a master designer no less – to have a mohawk with highlights!
More importantly than anything else his sense of humour is returning. It’s been AWOL for a while now but a few days ago Vickki Pollard made an appearance again along with his “I am the only gay in the village’ recital. *This will only make sense to the UK folks I think.* This evening he announced how he wanted to become a spy for Richard Dawkins and infiltrate Jesus Camp 09. Not sure wether RD wants a Jesus Camp spy but never mind, good to know Scotty’s mind is on things other than leukemia … even if it is spying on Jesus Camp.


Laura said...

Wonderful hearing about all the unique and special little things that make Scott, Scott. I'm thinking of all of you and hoping today will be a great day. (A mohawk sounds awesome!!!)
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Carolyn, aka Lady said...

Pictures, we must have pictures, of the mohawk once his coif is done.

As for peanut butter, it can be eaten on ANY-THING so slather it up. There are about a million things worse he could eat; at least he gets some protein that way (try it on vanilla wafers too...yum). I have heard it is great on apples and bananas but then I would not know anything about that since I have a fruit-phobia.

Love Ya'll!