Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together."

Its midnight and we're just home from a very worrying ER visit.
All started well this morning, Scott was feeling great and he had had lots of fun at the hair salon being pampered by this gothy, tatted, pierced, hairdresser dude with a heart of pure gold. He got his tres-cool mohawk and off we went to our friends house for a Memorial Day pool and rock band party.
Well we were only there an hour or so when I noticed bruises all over his legs. Lots of lots of small blue bruises. Panic set in, I called the wonderful Dr Rossbach and he said we should come directly to ER.
We stopped off at the house to get Scott changed and lo and behold, the bruises had vanished. Now bruises dont just vanish, so we're all like what the hell? They apeared then they disappeared. It wasnt petechiae, it wasnt dirt, its wasnt a rash, they were bruises, and then they werent, they just faded away.
The trip to St Joes was somber and reminiscent of the one we took 2 and a half years ago. And dammit I even said a little prayer (hey, even RD admits he could be wrong!!!) ER was packed full of sickly looking kids, mums and dads with tears in their eyes and homeless drunks. Thankfully Scott was bumped to the front of the queue and we didnt have to wait to be seen. The lab however took forever to process the blood.
Finally we were called back and put in a room. I asked for the results but they wouldnt give them to me so I chatted up the head honcho and he said, "sure you can see your sons results", and I'm all shaking and sweating and stuttering, my eyeliners dripping down my face, but whatdya know, his platelets werent 12 or 70 and 100, his platelets were normal at 207. Not great but certainly not low enough to cause spontaneous bruising. His hemoglobin was 13 (normal), his wbc was kind of low at 4.0 but he had decent monocytes (13.5) so that was a good sign too that nothing sinister was going on. There were no immatures or unclassifieds, all in all a reasonable cbc.
But that didnt explain the mysterious appearing and disappearing bruises and both the ER doctor and Dr Rossbach were mystified but did point out that they see bizarre and unexplainable things every day.
We were disahcrged with a diagnosis of 'we dont know'. Weird to be sure, but better than the alternative.
Alls well that ends well.


Laura said...

I was holding my breath through that whole update! Oh you guys - what a roller coaster ride of a day. I'm thinking of you all and wishing today is completely uneventful and relaxing. :)
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

nina said...

wow!! sounds scarey to be sure, but oh so glad it wasn't anything serious. and where are the pics of the new hairdo?

Sandie said...

I did the same as Angel Laura, held my breath as I read. I'd hate the "we don't know" diagnosis as much as I'm sure you did - but it sure beats the tar out of something bad.

So... is your singing SO bad that your child spontaneously bruises just to get out of hearing it?


And yes, pictures of the lid please!

Lots of love to you all