Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am a moody, lazy old trollop and I simply couldn’t be bothered. I truly hate doing this blog, and I’m sure most of you don’t get much enjoyment from reading either, however it beats having to answer the phone and go over and over (whine about) all my worries and concerns. Probably the worst question I am ever asked is, “… and how are you?’ How many ways are there to reply what a damn train wreck I am?

Scott’s blood was okay today. Anc too high (so much for increasing his chemo!), funky cells showed up again, but his platelets have increased quite dramatically and platelets are good! Scott had a major puke-fest though, it wasn’t pretty and the heavy-duty cleaners were called in to decontaminate the room. Poor kid, he is so scunnered with all this. The chemo effects just get worse and worse. From speaking with a nurse today it seems his “good bacteria” is non-existent so we’ll be trying the pro-biotics for a while and see if that helps.

Now for something really shocking. Derry, the blonde of the family, is currently the highest ranked freshman at his school in Maths with a 99.25 average!!!!!!!!!!! We are stunned, pleased as punch, and ever so slightly worried. Either every other freshman at his school is really, really dumb at Maths or Derry has been micro-chipped by aliens. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him. Also, some more Derry news, he made the hockey team and has his first game this weekend. This season he is in a ‘checking league’ which means the players can legally beat the crap out of each other. Great, that’s all we need, more medical bills.

I have got some more stuff to update on, more photos and even a cool video but it can wait for another day. Oh and maybe even a rant coming on a DVD we received in the mail yesterday and which has David and I staggered and furious. Anyone else receive “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West” in the post? Absolutely shocking that this propaganda (poorly disguised as responsible education) and hate mail is being circulated to millions of American homes. Don’t misunderstand me, I am far from being a sympathizer, but this DVD is nothing more than incitement, fear-mongering and a very under-handed political maneuver. Hate, ignorance, anger and bombs will NEVER make countries such as the US or UK safer places.

For now, its time for bed (said Zebedee).


Kristy said...

I got that DVD too!!! I was wondering just what in the heck I'd done to receive that in the mail, or what weird mailing list I had gotten myself on! I didn't even watch any of it....

Sandie said...

Great news that Scott's platelets are good. Dreadful that his stomach can't take it anymore. Poor kid.

"Either every other freshman at his school is really, really dumb at Maths or Derry has been micro-chipped by aliens."

Perhaps there is a lovely young lady in the class he is trying to impress - or maybe he's just damn smart. Great news, either way.

I've only heard about the DVD - didn't get it here. I wonder if it has to do with party affiliation. You have any registered Republicans in your house? LOL

christine said...

Well done Derry - some of us always knew you were a genius - although I quite like the alien theory. And have a good clean fight on the hockey field - no fistycuffs - just aimed aggression - at the goal that is not at other people.

So sorry re Scotts sickness - this has been such a long, long haul for him.

Steph - despite all you are going through, and all your anger and worry and depression, I thank God you are still able to keep a sense of humour - do the Americans know who Zebedee is?
lots of love asw always

Laura said...

What wonderful news about Derry! Hockey sounds like lots of fun for him (and lots of worrying for mom I'm sure.) He's both athletic AND a math genius!? What a catch. :)

My heart goes out to Scott - he sure has to endure a lot. You all do and you handle it so well. I count down the weeks until his treatments end. He's such a fighter.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday. Thinking of you all and sending smiles, Angel Laura

Dawn said...

Sorry it's been a while since I last checked in. It's fantastic news about Derry, but why the surprise? His Nana made Grammer School don't you know! Only because Grand-Nana was so determined she kept her home from school until the authorities caved in and had to let her go there!! Ha! Even so I don't think she ever got over 99% in a maths exam. (Well maybe - what do I know). Anyway now Derry knows where he gets it from. Now he's just got the easy part of KEEPING IT UP!!

So sorry you and Scott are going through such a rough time. The poor guy really deserves a break - as does Mum. Hoping and praying that he feels much better soon.

Love to you all.