Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It’s been a long day of doctors and medical stuff but I am pleased to say we survived it all and we even got some good news.

Scott’s counts were high yet again – his anc was 2950 – so another round of the good stuff was started. He had his vincristine, methotrexate and has started 6mp and steroids. My plea for a little more chemo was discussed at the weekly meeting and was approved. Like I said last week he has already hit the ceiling as far as vincristine is concerned and is also getting 150% of the other drugs. However the protocol does allow a little leeway at the doctor’s discretion so they agreed to an extra 10% 6mp. Should this be metabolized without a major drop in counts then we will increase again. So we now brace ourselves for another week of pain, codeine and ativan!

Derry had his appointment with the spine doctor who did more x-rays and confirmed the scoliosis but did not see the ‘minor disc spacing’ which had been reported by the primary care doctor, nor did he see any other abnormalities. *Big sigh of relief!* The doctor Derry saw today is internationally recognized and came highly recommended so we are very much re-assured by what he saw. He has asked that Derry come back regularly though as Derry is growing rapidly and could easily reach well over 6 foot. (Uncle Kevin is 6’7”) Added height will only exaggerate the spinal curve and may need correction in time.

David then had his visit with his physiotherapist and doesn’t seem to be enjoying it one little bit. Lots of weird exercises and lots of pain. He has many weeks of this and there is only a small chance of success. Surgery may be the only option at the end of the day.

So that’s it. Im tired and off to kill pixels on the x-box. G’night.

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Shawn said...


I have little time so this is faster... I have great news, go to the Wal-Mart on Causeway Blvd. and pick out 2 brand new bikes, one for Derry and one for Scottie! Write down exactly what you want and give me a call. They are all yours courtesy of a very eager to help "Angel". As soon as I hear from you I will have him go pick them up and we will deliver them to your door!

Call me soon!