Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So jealous that this guy managed to get his camera in, even more jealous of the young lad who, after a request from Billie Joe asking who could play this song, had the most drop-dead, goosebumpishly INCREDIBLE experience with the band - and did remarkably well. Watch until the end, so damn cool.


Lorna said...

Happy birthday Skittles!!!!!!

lots of love from auntie Lorna


Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKITTLES!!! Are you the big 1-3 now?! A teenager, WOW! We sure do wish you a wonderful day filled with fun and lots of surprises. :) We're thinking about you and sending you smiles always.
Laura & Family
(Joe, Glory, Carlos & Ellie Joy!)

Grandmama said...

Happy Birthday Skittles
Hope You Have A Wonderful
Day . Now your Mom and David
have two teenage boys.
We Love You Much
Grandmama & Papa

Sandie said...

Happy Birthday Darling Scott!!!!!

I hope you had as fine a day as that young man on stage. Holy cow... stage dive and all.

Tell your mum to get you guitar lessons. :)

Lots of love to you.
And don't go getting all sulky just because you are a teen.


Sandie said...
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