Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clinic tomorrow (bloodwork, physical and pentadamine)and Im sweating buckets. Scott doesnt seem too worried and even bought new drawers for the occasion (Stewie Griffin with speech bubble: "so, do you like what you see??" LOL.
I didnt think I'd be too much of a wreck once treatment was complete but Im worse than ever. David even more of a basket-case than me!
I guess that with the safety net of chemo being pulled from under our feet panic has set in. Also, we're now in the danger zone as far as relapse is concerned.
We have had a few reasons to be concerned, his appetite has decreased, mystery bruises, and there was a little petechiae about ten days ago. Yet, Scott has also seemed quite well, his cheeks are nice and rosey and he's got more energy than he's had since before diagnosis. Also no body pain or headaches.
We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings.


Carolyn, aka Lady said...

sending positive thoughts your way!

Laura said...

Sending lots of good vibrations and well wishes for a good appointment. Thinking of you all!
Sending Smiles, Laura