Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"I choose chaos."

Today we went to see The Dark Knight and it was incredible, probably the best movie I have ever seen and all because of Heath Ledger and his portrayal of The Joker. The boys definitely agree, The Joker rocks!! Scott was just saying a moment ago what a madman he is, but that he made him laugh and would make a great friend!! Huh?!! The Joker wants for nothing; he has no plan and is the perfect amoral villain whose only goal is chaos and mayhem. His appearance is crazy and his mannerisms strange. We all watched, mesmerized and shocked. A very slick movie indeed and if I could, I would go see it again tomorrow... and the day after that.

Thank you Sherry for a great afternoon.


Kristy said...

I agree!!! We went to see it last Thursday at the 9:10 showing (which, anyone who knows me knows it's amazing I was awake for the beginning of it, much less the end!). It was SUCH a great movie, one that I hope to get to go back and see at least one more time in the theater!

Laura said...

I loved that movie too and thought the joker was portrayed brilliantly! I also liked how Batman wasn't such a "hero." I'm so glad Scott liked it!

We mailed out the Birthday package today and they said it should be there by August 5th or 6th. (I hope he gets it BEFORE his Birthday!)

Wishing everyone a great day. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura