Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend in truly awful photography

Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of our landing on the shores of the US. Woohoo, do you have a flag? LOL. Sandie will be the only one to get that I'm sure. David surprised us with this beautiful, diabetes inducing, Scotland cake ...

Derry had a hockey game on Saturday and got the only penalty for a tackle which was not really illegal its just that the other kid was so small he got kind of flattened, and I guess the ref had little man syndrome (cos he was a shortarse too) and decided to bitch slap Derry with a "2minutes, feel shame" thing.

We found a new species of frog!!!

After sussing each other out for a while, I am now collaborating (long word for 2 plastic rock star gamers hanging out together) with the incredible, and one of the best 'plastic rock star' gamers in the world, my rb bff friend Angel! David, Derry and Scott are slowly becoming deaf and may kill me if I screech 2 Minutes to Midnight again, but hell, its been fun while it lasted!

Jake met Dave ...

No photo's - sorry - but after nearly 3 years of being unable to ride his bike, yesterday Scott dusted it off, dragged it out the garage and took off!! I would have taken a photo but a) it seemed so normal and natural and it wasnt till after he'd gone that i thought 'whoa dude, Scott just took off on his bike!!' and b) was too busy singing 2 Minutes to Midnight.

Well I was just about to post this when Scott got out of bed, grunted, farted, giggled, then picked up his guitar .. nothing like a rousing rendition of Ring of Fire to start off the day! UG!

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Sandie said...

Ah yes, you stole countries with the cunning use of flags! LOL

Little man syndrome (LMS)! Oh how I wish I had a roflmao smiley to post. Far more legit than RLS.

Iron Maiden? You've clearly lost your mind. : )